Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Meet Linksliltri4ce!

Some of her favorite things include: The Legend of Zelda (if you haven't already guessed), cosplaying, and pretty much anything arts-n-crafts.  She's a huge Zelda fan (did we already mention that?) devoting most of her cosplays, crafts, and collection to that lovely land of Hyrule and all those touched by the powers of the Triforce.  She does love other franchises though, too.  LLT4 loves pretty much anything dealing with Professor Layton, Rapunzel, and Chobits.  Lately she has been getting more into anime as well.  "I LOVE YOU, KORO-SENSEI!" - Linksliltri4ce

Check out her YouTube channel for all of her video posts on her cosplaying, crafting, and collection adventures:

Check out her home page at The Legend of Cosplay or
See more of LLT4's Collection at

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