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Linksliltri4ce: FREE Giveaway and Unboxing Enter-PLAY Legend of Zelda Trading Cards 2016

Hey everyone! This is Linksliltri4ce from The Legend of Cosplay here with a special Legend of Collections Unboxing Video! I made it my quest to open every single cared from the new Enter-PLAY Legend of Zelda Trading Cards that just came out. Shall I slay the completionist beast within me by collecting all 85 cards or will evil win again and leave me a sad collector?

Want to win a complete base set of these cards? Click here: http://linksliltri4cezeldacollection....
Giveaway Rules:
1. Come to the blog post - http://linksliltri4cezeldacollection....
2. Comment down below on the blog post!
3. Please make sure that when you submit your comment that you list an ACCURATE EMAIL ADDRESS! (Don't worry - it won't share your personal email with the world - just lil' ol me!) I can't very well let you know if you won if I can't contact you!
4. Please stick around and follow me for future Legend of Collections videos - coming soon!

See the enter set of the Enter-PLAY Legend of Zelda Trading Cards here: http://linksliltri4cezeldacollection....

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Meet Linksliltri4ce!

Some of her favorite things include: The Legend of Zelda (if you haven't already guessed), cosplaying, and pretty much anything arts-n-crafts.  She's a huge Zelda fan (did we already mention that?) devoting most of her cosplays, crafts, and collection to that lovely land of Hyrule and all those touched by the powers of the Triforce.  She does love other franchises though, too.  LLT4 loves pretty much anything dealing with Professor Layton, Rapunzel, and Chobits.  Lately she has been getting more into anime as well.  "I LOVE YOU, KORO-SENSEI!" - Linksliltri4ce

Check out her YouTube channel for all of her video posts on her cosplaying, crafting, and collection adventures:

Check out her home page at The Legend of Cosplay or
See more of LLT4's Collection at

Meet Comic Book Jon!

Some of his favorite things include: comic books, video games, and vintage toys.  He's a huge Nintendo fan, with Castlevania and Earthbound being some of his top picks.  Don't ask him to pick between Star Trek and Star Wars - he loves them both!

Check out his YouTube Series: Things I Love

See more of CBJ's Collection at

Welcome to the Awesome4ces Network!

Welcome to the Awesome4ce Network, the home of PB&Awesome, Comic Book Jon, Linksliltri4ce, and Fancey514!  What happens when a bunch of nerds get together, they form the Awesome4ces of course!  Tune in for all of their shenanigans and don't forget to Like and Subscribe!